It’s all about the experience you get while working with me

Of course the photos you'll get are the main result of our collaboration, but I'd like to think that you will enjoy the process as much as the end images.


You probably have a few questions before taking a decision to book me.

Before you book your phothoshoot


I want to make sure I understand what you hope to capture during our photoshoot session and what you're looking for. I will arrange a quick phone consultation or send you a short questionnaire to understand your vision.

During the photoshoot


A great location is more than just a pretty view. It’s about capturing the feeling and emotions. I always come earlier to scout for best places.

After our session


I will send you your gallery within 1-2 weeks after our photoshoot session. The timing might vary and each client will be informed about the timing individually.

What should I wear for my photoshoot session?

Can you recommend the best locations for the photoshoot?


I am always happy to give you some recommendations, but the golden rule is "less is more". Earthy and pastel colours are always one of the best choices when having the photoshoot outside. It's best to avoid disturbing patterns or any logos. Long and flowy dresses are always for the win, but each case is different and I am happy to give you some tips before your shoot.

Yes, I will always recommend the best locations for your photoshoot. However, I am happy to use your proposed location as well.